car care tips

A Look at Some Essential Car Tips for the Rainy Season

We know that we need not reiterate much how bad weather is one of the car’s greatest enemies. Rains pose as much threat as extreme sunlight to our beloved cars. Those dark and heavy clouds are not only there to bring rain, but also grave threats to our vehicles. And because most parts of Victoria…

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vehicle safety kit

Preparing a Vehicle Safety Kit

You are one of those defensive, smart, and responsible drivers who keep their cars well-maintained at all times. But even if you totally deserve to be given a ‘good driver award’, that doesn’t give you any guarantee that you won’t experience any problems on the road. They are called emergencies, accidents, and mishaps because we’ll…

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Self Driving Cars

Why Self Driving Cars May Not Be As Scary As You Think

We are now in the 21st century. And although we are so not yet in a time like The Jetsons’ era where they enjoy using flying cars, the automotive industry is now so far from how it used to be. Thanks to innovative carmakers like Audi and Tesla, we are now looking at our near…

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vehicle history

What Vehicle History Checks Will & Won’t Reveal

Buying a second (or even third) hand car is indeed risky. But sometimes, because of our circumstances and financial standing, we are left with no choice to do that. So if you are a used car buyer, one of the most important things you need to learn is about doing or getting car history checks.…

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cash for cars melbourne

Why search cash for cars

Cash for cars is a highly searched phrase on Google in Melbourne. So what does it mean when people search for this? Well the basic reason behind this search is to sell cars and to sell it fast. Often selling car in Melbourne is real troublesome. Putting ads on Gumtree and Car sales not only…

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