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Selling a used automobile means writing an advertisement that describes their vehicle in concise and yet colorful terms. The price point needs to beckon serious car buyers, without underestimating the worth of the vehicle. That is where we come in, we make the car selling process simple and pay instant cash for cars Melbourneupto $9999 on the spot.The ad is then placed online or in the classifieds of the local newspaper. While placing an advertisement to sell a car may not be very expensive and or even free of charge, the experience is generally not an enjoyable one. However well-worded your ad might be, this doesn’t mean prospective buyers will respond promptly. If you need to sell a car in a hurry, the entire process can be quite frustrating.

Get Quick Cash for Old Cars and Free Pickup from Your Location

Once the buying public does respond, their lack of discretion can be infuriating. No one wants telephone calls at odd hours of the day or night. Waiting for a potential buyer to show up at a scheduled time may also be an exercise in futility. Conversations, test-drives, price negotiations and strangers wandering onto your private property are just the beginning. Even after all this, they give comments like, the car is not in the condition they are looking for. The mileage is too much, although they are for an old model. Or the worst of the lot, we will call you in couple of days. Putting you in agony of wait.

That is exact problem what Total Cash For Cars Melbourne aims to resolve. That is giving cash for old cars on the spot. All you have to do is call them, Total cash for cars sends in a tow truck. The driver hands over the cash for your old car and will tow it away, without charging anything additional for this towing task.

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Car Removal

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Cash for cars

Cash for Cars

Instant cash up to $10,999 for cars in any condition and any make and model…..

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How does it work

How Does It Work?

Car removal in Melbourne is a hassle-free process that takes hardly a few hours to complete.

  • Feel free to call us or send us a mail to get a quote for your car and parts inquiry too
  • As soon as you accept our quote, schedule an appointment for dismantle and car removal services.
  • We dismantle car/vans/4WDs and offer free hauling services Melbourne wide
  • Cash on spot for used and old cars anywhere in Melbourne

Why Us?

Once you agree to the quote, we will send in a tow truck driver with cash, we pay cash on the spot, do all the paperwork and tow away the car without charging you anything extra.

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Cash for Car Wrecks

With all this in mind, it is no wonder that the team from Cash for Cars Melbourne is kept busy. We know how to work with car owners to help them sell their car for cash in the easiest way possible. This company buys newer vehicles, but offers cash for old cars if you have one.

Cash for Junk Cars and Free Towing

What all these scenarios have in common, is the need to sell an automobile quickly, privately and securely. With our services, car owners routinely sell their vehicles and receive up to $9999 in cash instantly. To top this off, there is no need to drive to another location or pay to have a non-running car towed.

Cash for Wrecked Cars After an Accident

One of the toughest situations, occurs after a car accident. The best news is that the driver and passengers have escaped without injury. However, then one must deal with an barrage of insurance personnel and repair estimates. If you are lucky, your vehicle is considered worthy of repair. If not, you’ve got a damaged car on your hands with no manner of reimbursement.

Total cash for cars also buys written off cars and repairable write-off cars.

Total Cash for Cars Melbourne knows how to help. We offer cash for wrecked cars, and will be glad to tow it off your property or wherever it may be parked. With a company that grants cash for car wrecks, there is never a need to have to beg someone to buy your car for parts. Our representatives take care of the entire situation, towing these vehicles away and giving a fair cash settlement to car owners in the process.

So How Can I Get Instant Cash For My Car?

We make it easy to sell your car, truck, 4×4 or SUV. The process begins with a trip to our website. Well you made it here, so kudos to you. You will need to tell us the year, make and model of the vehicle you wish to sell. Another important piece of information concerns whether the vehicle is a running automobile and whether it has sustained body damage in a collision.

One of our team members will be able to give you a cash quote on what your vehicle is worth, pending a visual examination of the automobile itself. Should you wish to sell your car, truck, 4×4 or SUV to us, all it takes is an appointment set at your convenience. No waiting for “looky-look” customers or curious strangers. We arrive when we say we will, and our driver is ready to pay cash for your car.

There are a couple of things that you’ll need to do as a driver before one of our experienced representatives arrives. Car owners need to have their drivers license, vehicle registration and ownership papers ready. This is necessary for both the car owner who wishes to sell and our car-buying company. Not only does this serve as a security measure, but it speeds up the selling process considerably.

Unlike selling a vehicle yourself to a private party, we take care of all the paperwork for you. We take a look at your vehicle and buy it at an agreed upon price point. With a simple contract and your signature, you receive your cash. We then tow your car away at no cost to you and you are free to buy another car with that money or spend it as you like.

Relax, Selling Your Car is Not so Troublesome

For anyone wanting to sell a car or other vehicle in Melbourne, Victoria, it’s worth having a read of in the section about buying and selling vehicles. There’s some helpful information on cash for cars on as well. Ask any car owner what it was like to buy a new vehicle, and they will tell you about everything from that iconic “new car smell” to how it felt to drive it home from the dealership. Even when purchasing a pre-owned automobile, there is a certain sense of fun that accompanies its maiden voyage with family and friends. On the other hand, ask a car owner their experiences selling a car, SUV, 4×4 or truck. It is more than likely that the word “fun” will never came up in the conversation. We add words like “Fun”, “Easy” & “Confortable” in car selling process.



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We pay upto $9999 Cash

We pay cash for cars on the spot for all types of cars in Melbourne. We pay upto A$9999 Cash, depending upon, make, model, condition and year of the car. Our car buying process is very simple and straight forward.

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We realize that sometimes you just need cash immediately for such pressing concerns as bills and unforeseen circumstances. When life takes a serious turn, spending days, weeks or months trying to sell a car only makes matters far worse. Save time and aggravation now. Just telephone our offices at 0405 063 700 or email us at and let our company work for you.