Why Self Driving Cars May Not Be As Scary As You Think

Self Driving Cars

We are now in the 21st century. And although we are so not yet in a time like The Jetsons’ era where they enjoy using flying cars, the automotive industry is now so far from how it used to be. Thanks to innovative carmakers like Audi and Tesla, we are now looking at our near future: piloted or self driving cars. Unfortunately, this new technology somehow brings a common fear to people. Is it because they have seen the movie, I, Robot – thinking that our streets may soon be run by robots instead of people?

Studies now show that people seem fearful of the rise of self driving cars for a number of reasons. First is that, they fear their private lives will be easily hacked. Second is, most people lack trust on the technology itself. Third, they think of it as the start of the “rise of the machines”. And lastly, when people think about cars controlled by artificial intelligence, they think CHAOS.

But do you yourself really think so? We, Total Cash for Cars, have been in the vehicle removal business for more than two decades now. We have witnessed how different kinds of car technologies changed and helped improve people’s lives. As a trusted instant cash for cars company, we think that people don’t really know enough about self driving cars for them to judge if they’re really bad or dangerous. It truly is scary if you don’t know everything about it, if you don’t clearly understand how it works. That is why, we are here to provide you with some facts and reasons why piloted, autonomous, and self driving cars are not to be worried and scared about:

They will make driving and travelling A LOT safer.

Think about the most common cause of road accidents and vehicle collisions. What is it? Yes, it is human error. Because of the driver’s wrong judgement calls, road rage, lack of concentration, and even overly distracted behavior, numerous altercations and tragedies happen on the road. Because of piloted driving, the risks of human error are now finally eliminated. As opposed to what most people think, it might actually save more lives.

Driving will be less stressful and tiring.

People who are too lazy to drive won’t have any excuse not to go out anymore. You won’t arrive at home or at work too tired because you have driven in heavy traffic for hours. You won’t have to deal with those rude and arrogant drivers, and you’ll easily learn to let go of that road rage. Getting to your destination, and not to mention parking, is simply a breeze with self driving cars.

It won’t rob you of the pleasure or enjoyment of driving.

Car enthusiasts and die-hard car lovers may oppose having self-driving cars thinking that won’t enjoy driving as much as they do. That shouldn’t be the case. This function is created to help car drivers, not to take them out of the picture. It is supposed to eliminate all the negative sides about driving – the stress, the dangers, the physical work, and more. You always have the option to use it or not.

Most of us probably have travelled in an auto-pilot vehicle.

If you have ridden a plane before, well most likely, you have already experienced being in an auto-pilot vehicle. For many years now, almost all commercial planes already use a hands-free piloting system. You didn’t know or notice that, right? Yes, because it is really designed to improve the security, accuracy, efficiency, and control of the vehicle, even without its pilot (or driver).

The cars we use today now have basic autonomous driving functions.

Cruise control, drowsiness detection, parking assist, lane departure and lane keep assist systems – we use and enjoy the benefits of all these features today, right? These are already some of the functions of self driving cars. To help us understand them more, autonomous driving is categorized into levels:

Level 1:  The car has traction control and other features that lets the car’s computer take care of the vehicle’s problems without the driver taking action. Most of the modern cars we use today fall under this level.

Level 2:  Also known as advanced cruise control. Only some carmakers have incorporated this in their vehicles, like Tesla. The driver can simply take his hands off the wheel in a longer period of time.

Level 3:  The car will want the driver to take control only in emergencies and other certain situations.

Level 4:  The car can simply survive on its own. No driver needed. It can do everything by itself.

After learning all these, maybe you could now say that we need not be alarmed or be frightened about the self driving cars that are coming our way. Besides, we are still so far from seeing and experiencing the Level 4 or fully autonomous vehicles. For now, we’ll just have to sit back, relax, and enjoy the benefits of using some basic self driving car features for our safety and convenience.

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