Preparing a Vehicle Safety Kit

vehicle safety kit


You are one of those defensive, smart, and responsible drivers who keep their cars well-maintained at all times. But even if you totally deserve to be given a ‘good driver award’, that doesn’t give you any guarantee that you won’t experience any problems on the road. They are called emergencies, accidents, and mishaps because we’ll never know when it could happen. And the unfortunate truth is, most car breakdowns, road accidents and driving mishaps only happen at the most unexpected times. There’s no clear explanation as to why they don’t strike in well-lighted, crowded, busy, and warm places with strong network reception.

Because of that, having a car safety kit at hand is your only refuge in these times of trouble. Total Cash for Cars has been in the vehicle removal and cash for cars Melbourne industry for more than two decades. Our team of automotive experts are here to help you how you can easily prepare a complete vehicle safety kit.

As people’s lifestyles, driving behaviors, and needs are never exactly the same, it is only proper that your vehicle safety kit must be prepared and packaged accordingly. We are not saying that buying pre-packaged car emergency kits are not advisable. However, they might be complete to suit all your needs. You might need to add some more items to it. So to save money and effort, we suggest that you just pack one on your own.

Before everything, these are the things that you have to consider:

  • The weather conditions in your area (where you usually drive) – you might need specific items for snow, extreme heat, or stormy weather
  • Your individual OR family needs – if you are single, married, with kids, or with pets, there are also certain items that need to be added
  • The kind of car you have – the tools and other car repair equipment you’ll have to bring also depend if you drive a family car, SUV, pickup truck, sedan, etc.

There are 2 kits you need to prepare: one you need to keep inside your trunk and other should be inside your car. We strongly advise not to put everything in your trunk, as there could be emergencies that can make it more of a hassle for you to go out and open your trunk.

The safety kit to be placed inside your car must contain:

  1. FIRST AID KIT – important items that need to be included are band-aids, gauze, alcohol, hand sanitizer, antiseptic, cotton balls, tweezers, bandage, wet wipes, and specific medicines if you or your family have special medical needs (e.g. asthma, allergies, etc)
  2. Roadmap and flashlight (with extra batteries)
  3. Charged Power bank
  4. Blankets, rain coats or ponchos, and extra clothing
  5. Distilled water in plastic bottles (those that won’t easily break and freeze)
  6. Non-perishable snacks
  7. Plastic bags and duct tape
  8. Seatbelt cutter
  9. If you have kids, store extra diapers and other baby needs
  10. Extra cash

The emergency kit in your trunk must have:

  1. Road flares
  2. Jumper cables
  3. Tow rope
  4. Warning light and emergency triangles
  5. Multi-purpose tool (e.g. Swiss army knife)
  6. Tools for changing tyres – jack, wrench, etc.
  7. Small shovel and ice scraper (especially if you’re living in a place where it often snows)
  8. Handy fire extinguisher
  9. Rags
  10. Optional: car fluids like oil, brake fluid, etc.

Once you have prepared all these items, get 2 durable containers (preferable made from strong plastic) with a secure lid. Place all items in each container in an organised manner so that it’d be easy for you to locate and get things from it. Make a checklist of all the items inside each kit and tape it on the cover of each kit. Take note of the items with their expiry dates (if applicable). And lastly, if there’s anything used up, be sure to replace it immediately. Write in your list when you have replaced or replenished anything.

Just like they always say, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Besides, just think about how often you’ll need to prepare a car safety kit? Hopefully only once, right? So make that extra effort in your free time to do all these. Sadly, most drivers don’t think about having a vehicle emergency kit until it’s too late. Don’t let yourself be one of them.

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