A Look at Some Essential Car Tips for the Rainy Season

car care tips

We know that we need not reiterate much how bad weather is one of the car’s greatest enemies. Rains pose as much threat as extreme sunlight to our beloved cars. Those dark and heavy clouds are not only there to bring rain, but also grave threats to our vehicles.

And because most parts of Victoria experience ‘crazy weather’, as experts in the automotive business, Total Cash for Cars – one of the best vehicle removal companies in Melbourne, feel the need to help all of you in caring for your cars during rainy seasons. To protect your car from premature wear and uncalled for damages due to the rain, it pays to take extra care of your precious ride. Here are some essential car care and driving tips in those wet seasons:

  • Keep your headlights, windows, and windshields clear. Visibility is one of the most important things to consider when driving during the rainy season. Not really for your car’s health and cleanliness, but more for your safety. Make sure your headlights, tail lights, and blinkers give sufficient light and are working properly.
  • Make sure your tyres are in perfect shape. See if your tyres have good treads. Tyres with shallow tyre depths are never good for driving on wet roads. Also, make sure that all of your tyres have the proper air pressure. It’ll be easier for your tyres to squeeze the water out of the way if they don’t have low pressure.
  • Change your windshield wipers if necessary. Have you ever imagined driving without a windshield wiper during heavy rain? Well, we do hope no one ever experiences that. Ideally, especially if your area experiences more rain, your wipers should be replaced at least every year. If the rubber blades of your wipers are dry, brittle, and cracked, they won’t be able to help you see much while driving during an intense downpour. Stay away from the cheap knock-offs as they don’t really work well.
  • Check your battery’s health. If your location experiences rain every now and then, it causes your battery life to decrease 1-2 years less than usual. There are studies that show many drivers experience car battery problems more often during rainy seasons. So take the extra time and effort to make sure it is still in good condition. If not, invest in a new one. Besides, it’s better to spend on a new battery than spend some time under the rain because of a broke car with a dead battery.
  • Car brakes must be working properly. Your brakes are important regardless of the weather condition. However, if your brakes are too wet, there’s a possibility that it’ll be hard for you stop effectively. The brake pads must have enough friction material for you to be able to do so. The water, grit, and grease that splash onto your undercarriage can lessen the effectiveness of the brakes.
  • Give your car a good wash AND wax. No, we didn’t make a mistake in giving you this tip. Why would we recommend to have your car washed and wax even if it’ll get dirty from the rain? Firstly, it will be a lot harder for you to clean your vehicle if it’s already filthy even before it rained. The water spots and marks will be more difficult to remove. With a good clean and a protective layer of wax, the raindrops will simply bead up and slide off your car instead of it staying and accumulating added dirt. Second, it will greatly impact your driving visibility too. You may apply water-repellent products on your windows and windshield so the rainwater will easily slide as well.
  • Never leave without an emergency car kit. It’s easy to say that you should stay indoors during heavy rains. But we know that often times, it really can’t be avoided. So during times like these, make sure your emergency car kit is complete and with you before you go.
  • Check for water leaks. Check out all the rubber seals of your car. They are there to keep water from coming inside. Also see if the drain holes in your hood and trunk are not clogged. They are supposed to keep water out and not collect stagnant water inside. This is also one way to avoid corrosion.
  • Use your demister or air conditioner. Again, your driving visibility is of dire importance. Thus, to keep your windshield and windows from condensation and misting, use your car’s air conditioning.
  • Drive slowly and cautiously. Even if all the aforementioned tips and reminders are on check, we’d still advise you to DRIVE SLOWLY during the rain. This will prevent you from aquaplaning. In the same way, you should double your driving distance and never hit on your brakes suddenly so you would avoid skidding. As much as possible, keep away from roads covered with stagnant and running water. Stay in the middle lanes as the water normally stays on the sides of the road.

Prepare and take extra care. Those are the keys to safely and efficiently survive driving during rainy seasons. A well-maintained car is still and will always be your aid in travelling even in wet conditions.

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