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Be the Part of Free Car Removal Australia Along with Top Cash of Any Vehicles

Car Wreckers MelbourneNo one can ever stop a car to reach its end of life cycle. Most of the materials thing have their end so, never get frustrated if your car already reached its end. You might be also curious in case your car is no longer running and you still don’t know the best thing you need to do about it. Maybe you might be thinking of storing it in your garage area or just let it rot somewhere.

Getting rid of your scrap car in the fastest way just easier through the help of our expert team in car removal. We provide you a fast, reliable and most of all, a free car removal services. Time and money is not a big excuse for you to just store your car in your garage for will be going to your location and give you a free charge in removing your old car. Moreover, we also provide you cash services for old car removals if you are a local of Melbourne.

How to Avail Free Auto Removal Services

Now, it will be easier for you to get the top cash for your cars and if you live anywhere in Melbourne, you are qualified to avail our free car removal services.

In order for you to get take advantage of the free car removal services, you need to ensure to tell all the necessary details of your car. This includes your car’s model, age, make, mileage and condition. If you own of the car makes like Honda, Holden, Subaro, Mazda, Suzuki, Toyata and Nissan, you can get the top cash for your car.

As you have already provided the details of your car, we will be now giving you an instant and free quote for your old car. After accepting the price quote, you have to tell our team about your location and they will come to your service area and provide you significant assistance. Next, our team will pick up your old car for free and then, you’ll have to pay with cash as soon as the task is done.

One of our main goals is to see you with great convenience and relief as you have finally get rid of your scrap car quickly and easily.

Why Choose Us to Wreck your Old 4×4?

We provide car removal experts who have the heart in reducing the garbage in Melbourne as well as satisfying the needs of our clients. We only not help you get rid of scraps but, we are also helping the environment. We use only eco-friendly methods for car disposals.

In case your car technician can no longer fix your 4×4, it will be wise for you to sell it for wrecking or dismantling. Additional mechanics can only cost you a lot of money so, better for you use our free cash for 4×4 services

In Melbourne, you can easily avail our free car removal for your 4×4. Also, we provide you a guaranteed cash for your old car. Depending on the make, model, age and condition of your car, you can receive thousands of dollars.


Total Cash for Cars is Melbourne’s leading old, second hand car buyer.


Cash for cars is a highly searched phrase on Google in Melbourne. So what does it mean when people search for this?

Well the basic reason behind this search is to sell cars and to sell it fast. Often selling car in Melbourne is real troublesome. Putting ads on Gumtree and Car sales not only involve a certain monetary cost but more importantly answering calls and messages and going through private car buyer’s inspection takes too much of a time.

The only way one can sell the car through these channel if the car is in pristine condition and have really low KMs on the dial.

Another option is to post it on ebay for an auction. But even there you dont know if the right buyer is bidding on your car and whether he will make the purchase after winning the auction. Wait time is also high there.

So if you need quick cash for your car and dont want to get into so much hassle. Then this ‘cash for car’ search query is for you. You would probably end up o Total Cash For Cars website. Total Cash For Cars is Melbourne’s leading car buyer and pays top cash rate on the spot for all makes and models of cars.

We buy cars in any condition. So we also provide absolutely free car removal service, which means we send in a tow truck to pick up the car at your location.

So what are you waiting for, to get upto $9999 instant cash for your old car call now!